About This Project

St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Magens Junction is the first phase of a new affordable housing development in St. Thomas. The first major residential construction project after the 2017 hurricanes that devastated the island, this 48-unit mid-rise development is storm resistant and completely off-grid to avoid challenges with unreliable electric power in the area. A gas microturbine and a 65kW solar array provide all the electrical needs, and waste heat from the turbines provides water heating. Rain and grey water harvesting, combined with reverse-osmosis filtering of well water provides all potable and irrigation water, and sewage is treated on-site. Phase 2 of this development is currently in progess and will be certified under NGBS by SK Collaborative.

Incentive/Certification Received

National Green Building Standard Silver Certification


Jackson Development


Steven E Hutchins Architects

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