Single Family

Single Family Green Certification

Single family green building certification continues to expand in the marketplace through a combination of consumer demand and code requirements. Local municipalities are either requiring or incentivizing certification for new homes and major renovation projects. SK Collaborative provides certifications that meet the City of Decatur High Performance Building Ordinance.  Contrary to common wisdom, when green building and energy efficiency techniques are considered early in the design phase, additional expenses are minimized or eliminated, and projects are assured a smooth path to certification. We work with developers, architects, and contractors to make sure that their projects meet program requirements, helping them to create affordable, comfortable, healthy, and efficient homes that their clients love and improve their reputation.

How SK Collaborative Can Help You Build and Renovate Better Homes

  • Consult with you early in the design process to plan for certification from the start
  • Help you make the best decisions first
  • Avoid mistakes during construction that cost time and money
  • Green building means happier clients and fewer callbacks
  • When you plan green from the start, it is easy and doesn’t have to cost more

We Work with Your Project Team Throughout the Process

  • Review plans and make appropriate recommendations to make sure your project is a high-performance home that meets certification requirements
  • Assist in developing specifications
  • Inspect the project at critical points to correct minor problems before they become major ones
  • Test the project at completion to make sure everything has been done correctly
  • Perform duct and envelope testing now required by the energy code

Green Building Certifications

We certify under all common green home programs