B Corp Certification

Making Our Business a Force For Good


In 2023, SK Collaborative became a Certified B Corporation to better align our business practices with our values of sustainability, social consciousness, and community impact. After 18 months of work, we became the the 27th B Corp in Georgia and achieved a final assessment score of 105.8 – among the top five in the state. Through the certification process, we captured the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) practices we were already doing,  while also identifying opportunities for improvement. We are now part of a network of companies committed to high social and sustainability standards.

Ready to Make a Difference


SK Collaborative’s B Corp Certification emphasizes that making a profit and making a difference are not mutually exclusive. As a member of this community, we adhere to rigorous metrics set by B Lab™ to measure corporate citizenship, environmental consciousness, accountability, and transparency. This commitment ensures we practice what we preach and hold ourselves accountable to the wellbeing of local communities, the state, and the world.