Building Audits

SK Collaborative’s building audit services help building owners considering or planning renovation and rehabilitation projects understand how their building will perform after improvements and qualify for Housing Tax Credits and lucrative financing and utility incentives. We identify energy and water savings opportunities by conducting building lighting and appliance, mechanical system, plumbing, and envelope audits. We can calculate expected energy, water, and cost savings.

Tax credit renovation projects

Tax credit renovation projects are typically required to perform an energy audit of the existing buildings prior to applying for funds for renovation. The audit identifies the condition of the existing building envelope and mechanical systems, and provides recommendations for specific improvements and their expected savings. The audit report is required for tax credit applications, requiring an accurate and complete analysis to assure compliance at project completion.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac offer significant financial incentives to improve energy efficiency and sustainability when renovating multifamily buildings. Energy and water audits, required for green loan applications, help developers identify the most cost effective improvements and define the scope of work for their projects.