Helping Industry Professionals Make Buildings Better

"The beauty of green building is that it's not hard, it makes good sense and you can do it right now. It's true we don't build them like we used to... we build them better."

SK Collaborative applies proven building techniques to real-life situations.  Whether you are a developer, builder, remodeler, contractor, architect, or homeowner, we can help you implement cost-effective techniques that will make your project better and simply and easily meet the requirements of building certification programs.  Through our range of services including consulting, design reviews and charrettes, training, building certification, and waterproofing inspections and testing, we help make projects more efficient, healthy, and durable.  We have over 25,000 units of single and multifamily housing, both affordable and market rate, in process or certified under various green building programs throughout the country and internationally.

Multifamily developers, in both market rate and affordable sectors can reap significant financial benefits from green building certification.  In addition to lower energy bills and reduced maintenance, financing discounts, utility rebates, and tax incentives are available for many new and rehabilitated multifamily buildings.  SK Collaborative provides certification for residential and commercial projects, both new and renovation to meet the City of Decatur High Performance Building Ordinance and the City of Chamblee requirement for certification of buildings over 20,000 SF.


Carl Seville has over 30 years of experience in renovation and home construction.  He owned and operated SawHorse, Inc, one of the largest design/build renovation firms in Atlanta for over 25 years. While at SawHorse, he was instrumental in the development of the EarthCraft House renovation program and personally supervised the pilot projects.  He has won more than 100 industry awards and has held numerous leadership positions in the building and remodeling industries including the board of the Atlanta branch of the USGBC. In addition to his duties at SK Collaborative, he blogs as the Green Curmudgeon at Green Building Advisor, and serves as half of the Green Police in Hanley Wood's video product reviews.  He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where he studied architecture, fine arts, and design.

Abe Kruger honed his expertise in sustainable construction as a contractor, educator, and consultant in the residential construction industry. He trains construction industry professionals across the country on sustainable construction practices.  He has designed and implemented energy efficiency programs for over thirty electric and gas utilities, including ENERGY STAR new homes, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, low-income weatherization, and HVAC tune-up programs. 

Over the years, they have both developed a deep interest and steadfast dedication to green building and living, and through SK Collaborative they offer their expertise to contractors, architects, designers, developers, utilities, non-profit and government agencies, homeowners, and manufacturers throughout the country working from the company's metro Atlanta office . Through a wide range of services including consulting and certification for single-family, multifamily, and light commercial buildings, training, and presentations to industry professionals, SK Collaborative is one of the few green building and remodeling consulting firms in the region - and one of only a handful in the nation -  that has the knowledge, experience and client relationship skills to thoroughly educate the industry about green building and its application.