Carl helped us create and design our dream EarthCraft home. We were drawn to Carl based on our research. His accolades in the "green building" community are extensive, and we knew he was the man for the job. We wanted a healthy, efficient, and comfortable home while keeping an eye on our environmental impact. Because Carl is on the bleeding edge of green building and innovative technology, he was able to help us incorporate many of these techniques into our home. We were afraid that 'green building' would be complicated, lengthen the build time, and cost significantly more. We found that Carl was able to simplify the process, keep us on schedule, and maximize our dollars. Carl helped us prioritize the most important elements of green design that minimized our environmental impact, maximized our indoor air quality and comfort, and provided us the best long term return on investment. As a former contractor himself, he understands the building process and code and very easily worked with our builder to deliver an outstanding EarthCraft house. We couldn't be happier with the end result. Our home is air tight, incredibly comfortable in terms of temperature and humidity, and our energy bills are much lower than we ever expected. Our indoor air quality is excellent, devoid of the typical 'new home' smell and allergies, headaches, and asthma that go with it. Eco consciousness aside, the techniques used in EarthCraft building deliver a superior home and provide home owners with an exceptional product that will provide returns month after month. We highly recommend Carl Seville and his company to anyone looking to build a new home or remodel a current one.

Dawn and Keith Reed