Building Envelope Consulting Services


SK Collaborative provides visual waterproofing inspections and testing for multifamily developers to assure that the installed work meets specifications, and spray rack testing of representative samples of windows and doors to confirm the installation quality.

Site Inspections

Regular site inspections confirm that the workmanship meets owner and architect requirements, identifying any potential problems, and confirmation that any corrective actions have been completed properly.

Plan Reviews

We review all construction plans, identifying missing or inconsistent details, confirm that manufacturer’s installation details are correctly represented in the construction documents, and provide recommendations on materials and methods to assure proper long-term building performance.


ASTM spray rack testing of windows and doors after installation confirms that fenestration has been properly installed and flashed, identifying both installation and product defects prior to installation of exterior finishes.  This provides an opportunity to correct any problems before they are covered up, avoiding long term water intrusion into building structures.

Building Envelope Inspections and Testing

Plan Review

Plan Reviews

Pre-construction review of architectural and structural drawings help identify potential challenges in creating a complete thermal envelope.  SK Collaborative provides plan review services including identifying areas requiring special attention to provide proper air sealing and insulation. We can provide recommendations on materials and methods to create a cost-effective high performance building envelope from the early stages of design.

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Visual Inspections

Site inspections prior to and following installation of thermal insulation help confirm the quality of workmanship, assuring project teams that the building will perform as expected at completion. Incomplete and out of spec installations can be identified and corrected before they are covered up.

Air Leakage Testing

Air Leakage Testing

Building envelope leakage testing is available using Energy Conservatory Blower Door systems.  Buildings of any size can be tested from individual apartments to commercial buildings. Testing allows projects to meet residential energy code compliance, QAP thresholds, or owner requirements, as well as identify leaks that may lead to deficient indoor air quality and lower energy efficiency.



Have confidence that your trade contractors are performing their work properly, avoid callbacks, and reduce liability

Owners And Developers

Owners and Developers

Provide an additional set of eyes on the project, confirming that water management systems are properly designed and installed, providing assurance that your building will withstand the test of time.



Our plan reviews help identify potential problems early in the design process, recommending materials and methods to assure high performance building envelopes that minimize air leakage and eliminate water intrusion.

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