• Lafayette Site Plan
  • Fayetteville Master Plan
  • Spray Rack Testing
  • Spray Rack Testing
Fayetteville, GA

OneStreet Residential is developing a senior multifamily affordable housing project in Fayetteville, GA, a city located south of Atlanta.  The project, located close to downtown will be certified under the EarthCraft Multifamily and EarthCraft Communities (ECC) programs. The project borders downtown and is planned to coordinate closely with the city's new master plan.  ECC promotes walkable, healthy communities that are designed to have a "sense of place" and reduce driving.  This provides particular benefits to seniors and low income residents by making it easier to attend to daily shopping, entertainment, and exercize needs without resorting to using a car.  

SK Collaborative is providing certification services for EarthCraft Multifamily and EarthCraft Communities certification as well as envelope waterproofing consulting and spray rack testing services for this project. 

Incentive/Certification Achieved: 

EarthCraft Multifamily and EarthCraft Communities Certification in Process


OneStreet Residential


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