Villages of Moa'e Ku
August 1, 2018

Low income housing is growing in Hawaii - the state has the highest “housing wage” in the country. Since access to affordable housing is limited, it can be difficult for families and individuals earning the Area Mean Income (AMI) to find homes. The nonprofit developer EAH Housing is working to change this. They developed Moa'e Ku, a mixed-income housing project on Oahu. We sent one of our own, Joe Baumann to do National Green Building Standard (NGBS) verification on the project and what he found was incredible! Ewa Villages is privy to the NGBS tropical climate exemption for energy efficiency. While the entire development is without any insulation, the buildings were designed with comfort and local climate in mind. The water heaters and laundry rooms are run completely on solar power. We are pleased to announce that the project was certified NGBS Bronze in July of 2018. You can learn more about this unique project, along with other affordable projects in high cost tourist areas in a recent article in Affordable Housing Finance Magazine.